Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We exist to make God’s grace evident by our example, through worship, community, and service.

Core Values

  1. Worship – There is nothing more important or central to our lives, privately and publicly, individually and corporately than worship, because this is the reason for which God created humanity.  For us, this begins with our public gathering each Sunday at 10:00am at the Ron Rosner YMCA where we humbly and prayerfully seek the LORD together.  God does not expect us to clean ourselves up before coming to him, so come as you are. We are a “simple means of grace” church, which means our focus is on the Word of God (the Bible) and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper). All our teaching is rooted in the Bible and, in particular, Jesus Christ, who is the only Savior for sinners, who are alienated from God. We typically preach through books of the Bible, beginning at the first sentence and moving to the last; but when we do address topics we still do so in the context of Scripture. You can listen to our sermons here. We seek to enjoy the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper often (twice a month for the latter). Our music reflects the generations present, while seeking to honor the generations past.  Our public, corporate worship leads us to our other core values of community and service.
  2. Community – Community is essential to what we hope to do at Evident Grace.  We seek to grow that community in several practical ways.  Our community grows in teaching, which happens in not only in our public gatherings but in private gatherings through our EG (Small) Groups, and through more intimate gatherings of individuals in homes, workplaces, and other gathering places around town. You will find Evident Grace an incredibly friendly community. We seek to spend time together and open our lives to all who walk through our doors.  But we also desire to grow our community through our core values of worship and service.
  3. Service – Our service to one another and to our community in turn reflects our values of community and worship.  How better to demonstrate our dedication to community than by serving those in and outside of our church fellowship?  We hope to serve Spotsylvania county so well that if we ever closed our doors, our neighbors would ask, “What are we going to do now?”  Serving each other and those around us is also one of the primary ways in which we love and worship Jesus.

As a member church of the Presbyterian Church in America, the Westminster Confession of Faith together with the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms, which you can find here, contain a summary of the system of doctrine we believe most accurately reflects the teachings of the Bible.