To our Broader Community

We care about Spotsylvania and long to see Evident Grace used by God to transform this area.

We believe that we glorify God and proclaim His Word by becoming a community of people characterized by selfless service and bold engagement in our community.  In conjunction with sharing the message of Christ’s work of redemption from sin, Evident Grace expresses our love for God through members caring for members, other Christians, and unbelievers in our community.  The main thrust of our community outreach comes through our (eg)Groups but we also have church-wide focuses as well.

Currently we have partnerships in our community with

  • Young Lives
  • Good News Club

If you are interested in joining our outreach through the above ministries contact Jeremy Greenberg.  Again, our (eg)Groups are continually serving our communities through the above partnerships as well as others.  If you are not part of one, please consider joining.  If you know of needs in our community, let your eg(Group) leader know or contact Jeremy Greenberg

Through Church Planting

We also believe fervently in church planting.  We want to be a church that not only equips and sends out church planters but also supports individual church plants.  As we move towards greater growth as a church we are able to greater support church planting.  We desire to create a training and equipping apprentice program for church planting in the future.

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