The Art and Grace of Helping Someone Move

The Art and Grace of Helping Someone Move

movingWhen I arrived in Virginia, it was on the heels of several moves. Everyone from a church member to the chief of police helped me get here. When Amy and I finally got into our apartment, so many folks from Evident Grace showed up that I didn’t even know everyone’s name. What I did know was that we were being cared for and that people loved us.

There is a unique blessing in helping someone move. Showing up early to eat coffee and donuts and to potentially strain one’s back says, “You and your home are important. We want to make sure you know that. How can I help?”

In just over two years’ time, Evident Grace has helped no less than 8 people move, and I imagine many more are to come (including this pastor). It has become an unofficial ministry of the church because so much more goes into it than the mere art of lifting heavy objects. People show up to pack, unpack, clean, and celebrate. Helping someone move is the height of hospitality in that it offers it while also enabling someone to eventually show it themselves.

So, in light of that, Bushiban is adjusting its Saturday schedule so that we will meet Saturday morning at 8am (2/28) at Jarrod and Amber’s home. Contact Gordon or Jeremy if you want greater details.

Let’s show up and celebrate with these guys, and let’s pray that this ministry grows even stronger at Evident Grace as it embodies all the good elements of community, worship, and service. And thanks for being a loving church.

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