Evident Grace’s service is primarily a function of our (eg)Groups. While we do have all church acts of service to our community, our desire is for each of our (eg)groups to find avenues to love and serve others that are organic to the people in those groups. We feel that our folks know the community and its needs because they are living and working in it each day. By approaching service in this way, we can double and triple our efforts to love and serve.

The best way for you to partner with Evident Grace in our care of the Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg area is by getting involved in one of these (eg)groups. That way, if you know of someone to serve or if you know of a unique way to serve, you immediately become part of who we are and the mission of Evident Grace.

If you are looking for tangible ways to serve in our church, check out our teams.  Find a team that you think would fit you well and jump in.  If you have questions or not sure where to start, contact Jeremy Greenberg.

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