Help Evident Grace assist South Carolina flood victims

Help Evident Grace assist South Carolina flood victims

SC Charleston floodThe flooding devastation in SC has been described as a “Once in a 1,000 year” event, and some newscasters have been so bold as to declare it as, “Biblical in scope”.  The bottom line is that the cost is in the 100’s of millions, and the loss of life and effects on people’s lives will be felt for generations.

Evident Grace wants to help, and we want to invite the church and the community to partner with us.  Our denomination’s disaster response branch is heading up a bucket brigade.  These are 5 gallon buckets with specific supplies that are needed for cleanup.  You can find those supplies listed here.

While generosity is always appreciated, the bucket’s contents are incredibly specific, so please follow their guidelines.

Evident Grace is going to be gathering these buckets with cleaning supplies over the next few weeks, and we will announce a deadline soon.  Our desire is to bring them to worship one Sunday and pray for how God is going to use them for the people and the structures that have been affected by all the damage in SC.  If you want to learn more about the efforts our denomination is doing, you can find that information at here.

If you want to help, email the church at [email protected] or you can call the church at 919-412-8161.  If you know us, contact Gordon, Matt, or Jeremy directly.

Additionally, many of our sister churches have been affected as well.  One church, is detailing their efforts on their Facebook page.  Check them out to be encouraged by their effort for the community and the efforts in rebuilding their worship space.

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