Evident Grace 40 Days of Prayer Summer 2019

Evident Grace 40 Days of Prayer Summer 2019

Please join us as we pray together this summer:

July 1


Let’s thank God for His faithfulness to us as a community.  He has sustained us and enabled us to meet, worship, and grow as a church for over six years now.  By the best estimate, 80% of church plants don’t make it past 5 years.  We have so much to be thankful.


July 2


Pray and thank God for your deacons (Jacob Hall, Danny Bowen, Chris Pirch, and Nathan Thomas).  Pray that God would bless them with a great vision of service within and out the church.  Pray God would give them perseverance to serve joyfully.


July 3


Pray for the many non-Christians that we bump into each day.  Let’s pray that God would bring them to salvation and use Evident Grace in the process.


July 4


Thank God for the freedom that we have to worship.  Let’s pray that we use that freedom for declaring the free gift of salvation to the many people we interact with each day. 


July 5


Pray and thank God for the spouses of our officers (Amanda Murray, Tracy Greenberg, Amy Duncan, Colby Hall, Alex Bowen, Katie Pirch, and Evelyn Thomas).  Pray for their encouragement and strength. Pray for them as they are often sacrifice times with their spouses as they serve the church. 


July 6


Pray and thank God for Pastor Gordon, Amy, and their daughters.  Pray that this time away will be a spiritual rest and refreshment to all of them.  Pray that their times of study, prayer, and fellowship will be encouraging and renewing.


July 7


Pray for the YMCA.  Let’s pray that it is a joyful and safe place for adults and children.  Pray that God will show us avenues of service to the Y that will lead to new believers in Christ and new members of Evident Grace.






July 8


Thank God for our children’s ministry.  Let’s pray that God would use our children’s ministry to raise our children to become mighty, faithful Christians.  Pray God’s protection for our children, and pray that God would give us more and more people who would graciously serve in this ministry.


July 9


Pray for your ruling elders, Matt and Jeremy.  Pray that God would enable them to have the energy and strength to lead their families well, be successful in their jobs, while also having great vision and energy to serve at Evident Grace.


July 10


Pray for our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Pray that the PCA would be biblically faithful while also being culturally engaged.  Pray that God would enable us to make great changes to our culture in things like salvation, justice, and mercy.


July 11


Pray for Parkside Elementary School.  They are within eye sight of where we meet for worship.  Pray that God would show us avenues of service so we can faithfully serve them in the name of Jesus.  Pray for their safety.  Pray for wisdom their administrators.  Pray for perseverance for their teachers.  Pray that they would be staffed with passionate loving teachers this summer.


July 12


Thank God for our deacons and their leadership and partnership with the Brisben Center.  Thank God for our (eg)Groups serving there.  Let’s pray for financial support for the center and for the transformation (vocational, physical, spiritual) of the residents.  


July 13


Pray for our children.  Pray that they may grow to be Godly young men and women in this challenging generation.


July 14


Pray for the marriages of Evident Grace.  Pray that God would strengthen them with trust, faith, intimacy, and wisdom. 


July 15


Pray for our children and volunteers at VBS.  Pray that our children will grow closer to the Lord and that our volunteers will have great energy and joy to serve.




July 16


Pray for the return of our Romans series.  Let’s pray that God gives Pastor Gordon wisdom and faithfulness to the scriptures.  Let’s pray that God use these verses to free all of us (and any visitors that we have) from the crippling power of shame.


July 17


Thank God for our military, first responders, nurses, doctors, and any others that work in a care and protection environment.  Thank God for our members who serve in these areas.   


July 18


Pray for the finances of Evident Grace.  Pray that God would bless each member with a desire to give faithfully and sacrificially.  Pray that God would bless us with new givers.  Pray that God would bless our ministry, the community, and the world through our giving.


July 19


Pray for a permanent facility.  Let’s thank God for the YMCA and their graciousness to us, but let’s all pray that God would give us an amazing facility where we could do ministry day in and day out.


July 20


Pray that we would be a peaceful congregation.  Pray that we would be quick to listen, slow to speak, and quick to forgive.


July 21


Pray that God would gift Evident Grace with more musicians.  Pray they are gifted to lead our people well and that they have a desire to glorify God through their talents. 


July 22


Pray for our singles.  Pray that they would have great contentment as they walk in the will of God.  If it be God’s will, pray that God would lead them to find Godly spouses.


July 23


Pray that God would make us a sexually pure and obedient congregation.  Also pray that God would protect our congregation from pornography.


July 24


Thank God that He has sustained us as He has.  Pray that God would give us a joyful and bountiful history that extends for years to come.



July 25


Pray that our children would find Godly friends who will encourage them throughout their school years and beyond.


July 26


Pray that God would bless the Young Lives ministry.  Pray they have the finances they need and the volunteers to serve those women well.  Pray the women and their children would know Christ and live transformed lives as a result.


July 27


Pray that God would make us a people of His word.  Pray for personal, disciplined spirits that love God’s word and want to know it and live by it.


July 28


Thank Jesus for love and grace for us.  Thank Him for His death for our sin, His life for our righteousness, and His resurrection for our hope of a new life both here and in heaven.


July 29


Pray that God would command His blessing on Evident Grace as we take this time to rest and pray (Leviticus 25).


July 30


Pray that God would give us vibrant prayer lives that are honest about ourselves, earnest for others, and intimate with Him.


July 31


Thank God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that you would grow in understanding His guidance from the scriptures and in each moment of your life.


August 1


Pray that God would rejuvenate our spirit and enthusiasm for the growth of worship, community, and service at Evident Grace.


August 2


Thank God for the officers of Evident Grace.  Also, pray that God would gift us with new officers willing and able to lead the church in the coming years.




August 3


Think about the people in your (eg)Group.  Pray for them.  Pray for their joy, their love of Jesus, and their relationships. 


August 4


Ask God to increase your love for Him.  God is worth of our love and honor.  Pray that God gives you a desire to love Him above all things and above all else.,


August 5


Pray that God would give us a great burden for the lost.  Pray that God would make us aware of the non-believers around us and that God would give us boldness to serve them and share Christ with them.


August 6


Today, ask God to remind you of His assurance.  Ask God to remind you of His love and forgiveness that will never end.  Pray God enables you to live and act based upon that assurance.


August 7


Thank God for His patience.  Pray that God would gift you with a patience with others that reflects His patience with you. 


August 8


Pray for our (eg)Groups as they study the book of Mark this fall.  Pray for our leaders as they prepare.  Pray that group’s communities will grow deeply and that we will become more like Christ because of the study.  


August 9


As Pastor Gordon returns, thank God for this Sabbatical time away.  Pray that he and his family return with great hope, vision, and, strength to lead us into the fall.

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